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10 Amazing Ideas for Small Bedroom Decor

Having limited space is indeed dizzying. The same goes for the cramped bedroom. This is because we need to properly plan to make a perfect decoration so that it’s not take up a lot of space. Here, we share with you 10 amazing ideas for small bedroom decor.

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1. New Wall Sconces


Being in first place on our list is this bedroom decor. Simple but feel peaceful with the clean color of the wall and the bed.

It’s what I would like to call “the cherry on the top” of the bedroom. I have been waiting patiently for these wall sconces for a few weeks & they finally came in & you know I had to put them right up on the wall in our master bedroom. Source:

2. Well Organise Storage and Cabinet


Do away with floor lamps and get crafty with wall shelving and hanging cabinets. Arrange them strategically – not too busy or your space will feel cluttered.

Then get neat and clever with beloved practical items, from books to jewellery to piles of very neatly folded scarves and small clothing items that become stylish décor accessories.

3. Small Bedroom Decor with Modern Scandinavian-style


Simple bedroom with a huge wardrobe to easily organize cloth and accessories. Source: 

4. Small Bedroom Look Bigger with Right Curtains


Always make sure you measure for the right size curtain to fit the space. Curtains measuring 108 inches or 120 inches are some of the longest you can buy, or you can always DIY long curtains for custom sizes.

Patterned curtains can make a room look busy, so opt for a single shade in a light colored. This will help a small bedroom feel even more bright and airy. Source:

5. Optimize Space with Bed’s Drawer

bed with drawer

I’m obsessed with my storage bed, because it’s perfect for storing extra bedding, throw pillows, and clothes. It cuts down on clutter while keeping the items easily accessible. Source:

6. Maximize the Space for Bed

small bedroom


7. Clean and Tidy

The one that we love so much is clean and tidy. It’s become easier with small bedroom decor because easy to managed.


No matter how beautiful stuff you add in your room, if your room is untidy, it’s not going to look good neither it’s going to look big.

That’s why I have added this point at the last. It has nothing to do with your designing skill but with your life style skill. Source:

8. Blank Canvas Wall

Treat your walls like a canvas for the things that are most essential – a few strategic spotlights, hanging pot plants that bring fresh air into tight spaces and a classic mirror to open and brighten.

One solid shelf can then be home for the most essential practical items. Source:

9. Mix of linen bedding and waffle blanket



10. Minimal and Modern


With a few days and less than $250 (not including the bed), we brought in a few things that every post-college room needs. Source:

You also might be interested in the living room decor idea. Both bedroom and living decor should be your priority to make it feel awesome.


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